Enrollment Information

Registration Rates and Fees:

Infants & Toddlers $200.00 ( includes registration fee & annual supply fees

$155.00 1st weeks tuition = $355.00

$145 1st weeks tuition = $345.00

K-2, K-3, K-4:

$100.00 Registration Fee

$100.00 Annual Fee

$75.00 Workbook Fee

$50.00 Summer Activity Fee

Total: $325.00

***Deduct $50.00 summer activity fee if the child is not attending the summer program.

****Second child deduct $10 from Reg. fee only & second child 10% off oldest child!

****Military Discount is 10%


Infant Room $155
Toddler Room $145
Two Year Room $135
Preschool Room $125
Pre-kindergarten Room $125
K-5 Room $100 weekly (summer only)

If you have any questions, please contact us at littlefootprintslc@gmail.com.

Families with multiple children will receive a 10% discount off the oldest full time child’s rate.

School age children are considered part time. Therefore, they will not receive the 10% discount. We will have a drop- in rate of $40.00 daily for ages 2 and up if/ when space is available.

We do except all major credit cards as a form of draft. There is a $5.00 extra fee to use a credit card. No extra fees are added for checking or saving accounts.

Your account will be drafted every Monday morning. If you account is returned, a bank fee of $10.00 and LFLC fee is $45.00 will be added to your child’s account the next day.